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Candair Engineering Co Ltd is synonymous with first-class quality manufacturing. We have an extensive professional range of products, which all meet stringent manufacturing quality and safety standards.

HVAC ductwork and sheet metal product range:

  • Square and Rectangular Ducting
  • Enclosed Box (with cap end)
  • Square to Rounds
  • Transitions and Reducers
  • Flat 90° Air Turn Bends
  • Vertical Bends
  • Vertical or Flat Tee or Y Branches
  • 135°/45° Bends
  • Flanged Sleeves
  • Offset Ducts or Reducers
  • Register Grilles
  • Collars and spigots
  • Grille Adapter Box to Spiral
  • Bird Mesh Cowls



Fabricated products:   Tig Welding, Handrails and Balustrading, Tube Bending & Other Products

                                 Quality engineering for the past 50 years.

Photo gallery:

Just a few examples of our products made over the years.

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