Ducting, Grille Boxes & Plenums

Our ducting is manufactured in accordance with the specifications for sheetmetal ductwork under DW144/1998 Low, medium and high pressure/velocity air systems (superseded DW142/1988).


General ductwork and plenum boxes are manufactured from 0.6mm - 1.6mm galvanised steel depending on the system specifications with Pittsburgh lockform, button punch snap lock, crimped, spotwelded or internal capped seams. We can provide a self flange, angle iron frames, Doby/Ductmate type flanges or as specified.

Overview of our HVAC ductwork product range

  • Square and Rectangular Ducting (with a self flange or 20mm or 30mm Doby flanges)

  • Enclosed Box (with cap end)

  • Square to Rounds

  • Transitions and Reducers

  • Flat 90° Air Turn Bends

  • Vertical Bend

  • Vertical or Flat Tee or Y Branch

  • 135°/45° Bend

  • Flanged Sleeves

  • Offset Ducts or Reducers

  • Grille Adapter Box to Spiral:

  • Bird Mesh Cowl

  • Canopies/Extract boxes

  • Plate spigots

  • Damper Blades

  • Accessories

We specialise in the manufacture of ductwork components, filter frames, fan housing units, dampers and grille linear, side and top entry plenums, and pan adapter boxes for the HVAC industry.

  • Grille boxes

  • Pan Adapters

  • Linear plenums

  • Side and Top Entry Plenums (Standard)

  • Cylindrical or round plenums

Picture gallery: take a look at some of our ducting range